Saturday, June 19, 2010

back to black

i wore this for what i thought was my last day of field inspections. several of the guys questioned if i was going out dancing [no], going to the beach after work [no], or if i had dressed up for the trucker that had worn a plaid shirt the day prior [no]. mostly it was 90 degrees and sunny and i was driving the black work car around, and the black leather interior = stupidest idea ever. plus i was tired of wearing jeans, and its only concrete rip-out. im not standing close enough to the back hoe or for it to be dangerous, minus the time i nearly got taken out by a tree the old man was pushing down the street. needless to say, the guys all came running over laughing their asses off. but its not a frikkin hard hat/steel toed boots construction site.

also, wearing purple flipflops i frolicked on [measured] newly stamped concrete covered in 1" of concrete dust. leaving the parking lot after, i realized i had left a trail of dusty duck footprints all the way back to my car.

  • tube top: urban outfitters [$5 clearance]
  • skirt: pac sun

  • dress: old navy
  • scarf: unknown
  • leggings: target
here is an example of how we remove trees. it turns out the scooper is also an instant hosta remover, effective on hostas of up to 4' in diameter!


  1. hahaha WOW that tree removal picture just made my morning :D sometimes precision is the only thing that counts....

  2. the first tree i saw get taken down i was like "OH NO! should we bury it? or put up a plaque?" it makes a horrible crunching noise.. but it is friggin awesome to see


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