Monday, June 7, 2010

the cupcake corner

sometimes work requires so much of an individual. like driving an hour to count parked cars every half hour, reading a book in a park for the other 20 minutes of that half hour, with a light interspersing of... cupcakes?

well when the client requesting counts owns a cupcake store? its a tough job. but someone has to do it.

mini [slightly overpriced] cupcakes clockwise from top left: lemon coconut, carrot cake, lemon coconut, chocolate raspberry

not pictured: free dozen for the boss including the 3 flavors above, vanilla, chocolate chocolate, banana bread, red velvet, and... bacon. unfortunately kosher rules say no bacon cupcakes [butter] so it went to the other engineer in the office. who it turns out, doesnt like bacon cupcakes. the banana bread cupcake was pretty stellar and chocolate buttercream on top? yes please. the chocolate raspberry however, has raspberry jam [not jelly] in the cake part, which leaves a slightly gritty feel, not unlike eating a cupcake that has been dropped on the beach.

to avoid friday night traffic, i highly recommend the [also highly unkosher] short rib grilled cheese from grand lux, followed by a slice of peanut butter cheesecake.

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