Sunday, June 13, 2010

sarah's birthday cupcakes!

what could it be? polka dots and... arrows?

umm nope. the absolute most simplistic engineering cupcake ever.

and safety vests.. and orange cones. not weirdo candycorns.

and another shot just to show the powdered sugar does eventually absorb in. so they dont look like crack cupcakes. and the mini stoplights cos i got tired of rolling and smashing little balls of fondant at 1130pm.


  1. These are confection perfection, Liz. I am sure Sarah enjoyed these for in quality and design, they intersect with no others.

  2. thanks! not nearly as creative as my skull cupcakes, but 10x easier.

    lemon cake + dark choco frosting = delicious

    [no matter what it looks like]


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