Monday, June 7, 2010

garden results

AHHH APHIDS!!! WTF. i hate/am terrified of ladybugs for some unknown reason. not only was my previous apartment [2 addresses ago] infested with ladybugs from floor to ceiling in spring, i just have some unnatural fear of them. so to rid my garden of aphids... i used a stick and bashed away at the leaves...and then a medium pressure hose.

and it worked well enough to produce some snow peas! and no i didnt damage the plant. read-careful bashing.

my dill flowered. so i ripped off the pretty sprongy thing and trailed dill scent around the kitchen.

left bed: all plants bought pre-sprouted are thriving and the broccolini planted from seed is doing surprisingly well!

umm i believe this is a self-seeding heirloom tomato. i transplanted it from the corner of my garden where it popped out of nowhere a couple weeks ago.. and even though it seems to be 2 stems it is surviving!

the right bed: remaining daffodils almost ready for unceremonious ripping out and storage, heirloom tomatoes donated by neighbor bob are staked and ready to explode with deliciousness!

tomatoes from seed

cayenne peppers? ... i dont even like them. maybe i can pawn them off on the roommates and coworkers...

my eggplants are still growing!

basil all lined up neatly and not dead yet. give it time.

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