Saturday, June 12, 2010

dress obsess

friday june 11

  • coat: ck
  • dress: gap outlet
  • scarf: from grammie
  • leggings: some store in nz
saturday june 12 [morning brunch]

  • dress: gap outlet
  • leggings: kohls
saturday june 12 [evening jorts party]

  • shirt/tunic/dress: ny&co clearance [$8]
  • jorts [jean shorts]: dkny outlet
  • shoes: born-dsw
sunday june 13

  • sweater: uniqlo
  • tank top: h&m
  • skirt: street vendor in nz
i successfully survived blackout week! it is quite difficult to not be able to even wear black leggings.. but i did it. now were i unable to wear jeans to the office and required to dress in actual "business casual", this would have been much more of a challenge. fortunately, we run a very casual engineering office and no one actually notices what i wear to work. except the secretary... but she's leaving us for greener pastures and more pay. something which we all aspire to.

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