Friday, June 11, 2010

domo adventure

one day as domo was enjoying his weekly tanning visit he thought, i could really go for some grilled stuff right now

being the ever resourceful little japanese monster, he searched the pantry for edibles

he searched high and low, and even upside down, but alas, all he found was some tabasco and a pineapple

wtf? i cant grill a pineapple?! im a domo! i dont have thumbs much less the height to cut this thing. so he went questing outside. while mighty nice camouflage, overgrown clovers aren't tasty domofood.

domo thought, ooh the garden should have something good for me to char! but it was not to be. the eggplants were just flowering and the snow peas had all been picked.

could i eat the locust tree? he wondered, are there locusts in it?

fortunately, no bugs, but sadly, no food either. so domo went and chewed on the grill handle for awhile, willing food to appear.

eventually he tired and became angry. i want some fucking food exclaimed domo as he surveyed the back yard

no food? damnit. i guess ill get some real sun

so domo laid in the yard chair, absorbing vitamin D and though he had not cooked amazing food, he felt a great sense of accomplishment.

the moral of the story is, fake baking = bad.


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