Friday, January 30, 2009


in holding to the civil engineering code of ethics that i learned thru rote memorization, and in conjunction with the fact that we are living on an overpopulated island...i have been trying for the past 3 months to organize a recycling program at our office. after calling the town of islip, i was told to call the "recycling educator" who told me that since were renting space in a commercial building that doesnt pay town taxes i have to contact our building manager or garbage hauler. but due to the deadbeat landlord and his not plowing the parking lot after 4" of snow or the shoddy workmanship of our office remodel or the $22,000 of late electricity bills... i figured i should call the hauler.

after very poorly organized attempted meetings, i finally met with camille from winters brothers and arranged our FREE paper recycling plan. because of some slight miscommunications we received this lovely piece of junk:

it just so happens to be marked "property of the us postal service" and has priority stickers stuck on the inside. not to mention the dried crusty bits of trash, chunks of dirt, and horrid smell on the inside. fortunatly, it was about 5 times too large for our office and we traded it in for the smaller cleaner model:

well smaller atleast. but nothing a lot of lysol spray cant fix. but sarah helped me make little laminated signs for the top. due to the lack of resale value...corrogated cardboard isnt being recycled in islip but..paper and paperboard are! and i taped signs to clean trash cans around the office. soooo woo. even though the entire office has made fun of me for my enviro efforts. atleast im trying.

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