Tuesday, January 20, 2009

snowmen and octopi[?]

what do snowmen and octopi have in common? ...absolutely nothing.

our office moved to the hamlet of holtsville, which extended almost everyone's commute, changed our town jurisdiction to islip, and replaced our old crappy 3 story building with a newer crappy 4 story building. but i digress. after a recent snow, which i never would have fathomed was packable, we arrived at work to pass this guy in the parking lot. despite the sun and 30 degree temps melting his face a little, he still has a pretty sizable mohawk and is much happier than anyone else entering the building.

as another after work project, i free handed a pattern for an octopus and then basically stitched it together without having any idea if it would work. i saw how it would turn out in my head... and its not too far off. ollie the demented octopus has some leg spacing issues, but sits flat on the table as expected. i did intend for his 8 legs to be different sizes, both in length and width. according to kt, his eyes are a little frightening, but tilted the other way he looked angry and quite severe. only after sewing his legs together, wrong side out, did i remember what a pain in the ass turning fake fur right side out is. despite his odd technicolors, i think ollie came out rather darling.

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