Friday, January 30, 2009

new chair

june 2nd 2007 i started my first "real world" job. and ive had the crappiest most uncomfortable chairs in the last 7 months. i switched my first one out after multiple attacks with wd-40 did nothing to stop the squeaking sound every time i breathed. my second attempt at chair picking left me with a slightly dirty old chair that forever leaned back far enough to induce vertigo. after moving offices i was stuck with an older dirtier chair that sometimes leaned back and wouldnt raise up above mid-calf level.

i finally suggested to my boss that i buy a gaiam balance ball chair as it is half the price as a "normal" office chair and is potentially posture-improving. i sit on a regular size balance ball at my desk at home occasionally but obviously it rolls around whenver i stand up. but minus the fact that the chair is missing a nut so the front bar isnt clipped in on one side... the chair rolls like a regular office chair, the back is the right height for lumbar support, and since im under 5'11" and 300 lbs... its the baby bear chair-just right!

inspired by lady smaggle:
  • red scarf-h&m
  • paisley scarf-from grammie
  • shirt-victoria's secret
  • tank top-somewhere cheap like rainbow
  • jeans-macys sale department
  • shoes-steve madden

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