Monday, January 26, 2009

bread failure

looks pretty with sugar on top. tastes like floury fruit chunks.

sunday night i attempted baking. usually quick breads turn out atleast edible, as do cookies and brownies. cakes however are a complete and utter failure enough of the time that i refuse to even make boxed cakes. in my usual fashion, i found a decent looking recipe: holiday cranberry apricot soda bread. it must have been something i copied out of a vegan/tofu type cookbook. which i have come to realize is just begging for a horrible result. besides the obvious cranberry and apricot, the recipe calls for chopped pecans, 1/4 C butter [additional tofu to substitute for the rest], and 2 T sugar.

after kneading and plopping onto a greased cookie sheet, the directions said to cut an X in the top to allow for expansion and sprinkle with sugar. during baking due to our overzealous gas oven, i had to cover the bread with foil to slow the burning to a crisp process. upon removal from the oven, the bread looked rather like an oversized muffin. if only it tasted as good. the best thing i can say about my most recent baking creation.. is that this picture looks a bit like one of those 3d magic eye things.

in other news: my zucchini plant continues to flower but due to the current lack of bees in the house...the blossoms then shrivel and die.

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