Thursday, January 15, 2009

amigurumi food

[edited 11/14 for picture reload]

recently i remembered that i do actually know how to crochet. having started an 8-
5 job i am able to cook and watch tv and make random crafts after work in lieu of homework. after searching for crochet patterns online, i came across lion brand yarn which has free knitting and crochet patterns. loosely based on their patterns and my own "artistic vision" which sometimes is slightly nearsighted, i created an eggplant, a sad carrot, an ear of corn, a hardboiled egg, a very small tomato-looking-apple, and two cupcakes.

according to the very knowledgeable wikipedia, amigurumi has a "pervading aesthetic of...cuteness"

fortunately with my limited attention span for crafts and my american need for instantaneous gratification, these little critters take about half an hour to make. plus i can harass my cat or eat or chat about random things and not risk dropping a stitch that would waste days or months of progress.

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