Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ode to mercedes benz g500

[image from edmunds]

today i saw you driving and i watched you run a light
but since youre so damn rich...i guess its just alright

i cant afford an eighty-five thousand dollar car
and with the price of gas these days i guess youre, like, a star

15 mpg highway is the best that you can do
and in my subcompact i guess i get bout 42.

your car looks like a hummer with mini-a-turization
but since you paid two times as much, its par for this great nation

whether "just for men" or as a sweet sixteen new gift
please help us further emphasize the monetary rift

i hope you know that, yes, you are as important as you think
and when you crash into a ditch, ill drive on without a blink

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