Tuesday, February 3, 2009

pre-spring cleaning

after cleaning off my random table covered in clothes, i found i have more scarves than room for them. instead of getting rid of some [i bought another..], i put up more hooks. problem solved-decorative and functional.

in keeping with my organizational mood and our current lack of hangers around the house, i also rearranged my closet. this required fixing my previous color coding to account for new clothes, folding tee shirts, sorting tank tops, and hanging up all pants including jeans.

also, i finally put up my letters from urban outfitters. since i was looking during a clearance sale, i could only find certain wood and metal ones. but should anything happen in the future...ljz are my initials and lmz are leah's initials. perfecto. the white icon stickon things are from blik. apparently they dont offer the icon pattern anymore, but it was designed by undoboy. as the boys have noticed, some are perhaps a little less innocent than they originally appeared. regardless, they are a simple example of anthropomorphism. like putting legs on a pair of tighty whities.

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