Sunday, February 22, 2009

quilt #1ish

i started my first official quilt this weekend. i have made several unplanned quilts before [not "crazy"] but never one from an actual pattern. of course i changed stuff from the original parttern... like # of blocks, size of blocks, color pattern... etc. more realistically i had no idea how much fabric i would need and it turns out 4 fat quarters werent nearly enough. it still needs a border, im thinking white to match the middle, the actual "quilting" part to hold on the back i have yet to buy, and a binding/edging of some sort.

so basically i have the pain in the ass part done. ie cutting out squares/triangles. and its not quite as perfect as i would have liked but i managed to put a dent in my rotary blade by running over a button. so now its fucked and i need to buy a new blade but too lazy.

and now the obvious but captioned progression:




done. sorta. it is currently 53"x28" which is an awkward size to say the least. i plan on adding a row of white squares down each side which should bring it to 42" wide. but umm like most of the crafts i do.. it started out with a sweet idea and kind of petered out towards the end. better luck next time right?

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