Thursday, February 19, 2009


work just became much less interesting and more of a totalitarian state. the bossman decided to finally use a technology that the tech side uses. so now we have websense. according to wikipedia [...] both the aclu and amnesty international have denounced the use of websense on the basis of personal liberties and freedoms. and what do we have blocked you ask?


obviously theres the non-work appropriate things like porn. but trying to be an informed member of society, i no longer can read the news or even check the current weather. obviously the simple solution is buy a newspaper and look outside. but damnit i want the unending fount that is the internet so i can look up useless facts on or pay my bills without having to search for an envelope or see the pictures from a new sale in my email.

our only hope is the bossman gets annoyed enough that the tech guys have "forgotten" to unblock his computer and has them turn off the blocking. but until then, every site we actually can access is logged FOREVER, and i am severely annoyed and slightly oppressed.

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