Tuesday, January 7, 2014

home improvement

remember that one time i bought a house, ripped open some walls, and then ...ran out of time? 

after leaving the bathroom hallway partially plastered for the past 7 months, i had a week off from my two jobs and school and the parents came to town.  we did some house projects, and i FINALLY finished replastering the hallway.  and promptly remembered why ive put it off for such an incredibly long time. 
other parts of the wall with 2 coats of plaster
dun dunnnnn!  all primed and ready for me to paint.  someday.  hopefully before another 7 months passes cos i really need to get the mirror out of my kitchen and rehang my nail polish organizer before a kitty disaster knocks it over in the bathroom. 

but i also discovered during this emotionally distressing [not really] adventure... kilz makes both oil and water based primers.  DO NOT BUY THE OIL BASE.  PAY THE EXTRA $5 which im pretty sure i didnt in-store..  the water based smells ever so slightly like paint, dissipates within a few hours, and washes off with soap and water.  oil base smells for about 2 days and requires rubbing alcohol or acetone for skin removal and mineral spirits to clean your paintbrush.  i ruined a tupperware, a roller brush, and least importantly.. my shitty 3 week old nail job.  and i looked like a terrible pollack rendition for a few days. 

but water under a headache inducing bridge.  as dubbed by my mother, "project finish the goddamned hallway already" is nearing its end.  thank friggin god.

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