Monday, January 27, 2014

coin souvenir magnets

once upon a time i saw a pin for souvenir coins made into magnets.  i could swear i pinned it but a quick search yielded nothing in my boards.  whatevs.  its pretty much cake.
you need:
some coins [and/or keys], super glue gel, and super duper strong magnets.  craft magnets may look like regular run of the mill magnets, but theyre crap.  seriously.  and dont hot glue this shit.  my dinosaur magnets have gone half extinct and even the unpainted variety have leapt off the fridge to their death at an alarming rate.  summer humidity is the bane of craft paint and glue.

anyway.  super glue gel.  amazing stuff.  and since its ... gelly and not runny as shit [if your shit is runny youre eating all the wrong things..] you are about 80% less likely to glue your fingers together.  i just made that fact up.  truth.

step 1: dab a dot of glue on your coin
step 2: stick magnet in glue
step 3: let dry.
no really.  that's it.
only other advice would be ... some coins are magnetic.  be careful as the magnets will leap out of your hand and possibly stick where you dont want them.  also, while the glue is drying [an hour max], the coins may try and migrate together into a magnetic gluey cluster f.  dont let this happen.

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