Wednesday, January 15, 2014

liz's laundry

  • top: tj maxx/marshalls or somewhere like that
  • sweater: gap hand-me-down from the sister
  • pants: uniqlo
  • oversized too heavy earrings: probably h&m clearance
  • needy mcfluffycat: a product of neglect
  • sweater: h&m
  • scarf: bass outlet
  • necklace: icing [grown up claire's]
  • tunic/dress: kohls like 10 years ago
  • pants: macys
  • mustache socks: dsw
  • scarf: h&m
  • sweater: ny&co
  • dress: thrifted
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • sausage curls: result of spending more than 45 second on my hair in the morning

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