Friday, January 17, 2014

sparkle crate

so you found a wood crate in home depot.  well mine was cheaper than the online price, but whatevs.

welp if you have spray primer, glitter, and topcoat... youre in luck! 
sand the rough edges, wipe down with a clean cloth, and start spraying on primer.  there are video tutorials and the like, but its spray paint.  its kind of a learn-as-you-screw-up type deal.  dont spray too close or itll be drippy.  dont spray too far away or... none of the paint will go where you want.  if in doubt, let it dry and then sand down mistake areas.  but atleast 2-3 coats of primer are necessary.
then.. SPARKLE PAINT!  but really its less paint and more just sticky glitter in a spray can.  yesssss.  and it will take about 5 coats and the entire can.  again.. dont spray too close or itll just be runny and weird.  once fully dry [overnight if possible] add 2 coats of lacquer for extra shine and to prevent some of the inevitable escape glitter
SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE.  dont look too long.  seriously.  its dizzying esp with the focus range right in the middle.  gahhhh

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