Friday, January 3, 2014

pad see ew ...the right way!

mmm look at that fried-y goodness.  so brightly colored and slightly over exposed, good enough to eat!  ...i did.  and its long gone. 
i was hopping about the interwebs as i do... and happened across a recipe for pad see ew.  the street vendor way.  legit.  watch the video.  youll want to go to thailand toot-sweet and eat all of the street foods you can find.  basically, here are the steps:

assemble your sauces.  pre-mix your desired sauce [mostly kecap manis with a little bit of fish sauce, rice wine vinegar, soy, and sriracha].  make more than you think you need.
first, boil water and cook a crapton of rice noodles.  they can be the thick cut fresh kind traditionally used, or the cheapo thin kind bought dried at the asian market.  i prefer that.  easier to deal with.  cook until al dente [like italian pasta] and rinse well with cold water to prevent over cooking.  while rinsing, cut into manageable chunks with kitchen shears.  ive tried to precut dried noodles with shears and nearly put my damn eye out.  i wouldnt recommend.
fry up that amazingly fatty fat fat chinese sausage.  i think the weird spotty bits might be some ginger i threw in there as an after thought.  once the sausage chunks are all shiny and slightly crispy, set them aside.
rinse and dice the chinese broccoli [gai lan] and saute on high until slightly wilty and bright in color.  remove and set aside.

here is the absolute key. if you have an electric wok [and not a super awesome high heat gas powered open stove thing like the street vendors], crank that puppy ALL THE WAY TO 11.  seriously.  add some canola oil and tilt the pan to let the oil possibly hit remnants of fried goodness and spurt at you all over your clean shirt. 

once the oil is shimmering, add everything including half the sauce into the pan.  toss to mix, and then let it sit until you hear crackling. 
turn the noodles and stuffs over so the bottom gets all crackly.  let it sit and juuuuuuust slightly burn.  not kidding.  the noodles will get that slightly crunchy fried sheen like in the first pic, and if you have real willpower, mix all that ish up and let it scorch a few more times.  or just eat it and try not to burn all your shit all the way down.  esophagus burns are terrible. 


  1. Definitely bookmarking this, thanks, Liz! Looks so yummy. Hope you're staying warm!

    1. thanks! if i doubt, always add more sriracha.. it was 22 yesterday, practical tropical! hahha it didnt get as cold as the midwest, so i was pretty happy about that

  2. Good lawdy. Liz, come over to my house and cooooooook me some of this goodness!

    1. hahha but its even colder where you are!


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