Monday, December 17, 2012

sparkle paint and the headache

so you wanna spend too much money on glitter spray paint?  do it.  its frikkin awesome.  be sure to heed the "use in a well ventilated area" warning.  and if you already have a migraine...  wait until tomorrow.

i bought a ridiculous number of animal "toob" sets including, aquatic life, wild/safari, horses aka stallions, and dinosaurs.  i already had the silver paint from a previous project, and had bought the little tubes of acrylic paint for future projects with freezer paper.  those may still happen but dont hold your breath.  but sparkle spray paint.  oh my god people.  it is "intense shimmer finish" all right.  it also is so aerosolized, it blows glitter fucking everywhere.  i cleaned glitter off the wall, all my dishes, the stove, the side of the cabinets, and the floor.  but i digress.
so how to use these painty bits of goodness?

step 1: choose victim preferred animal
step 2: using hot glue gun add either a magnet or a thumbtack [the flat kind not the one with the little plastic handle]
step 3: realize hot glue gun is on "ultra blistering friggin hot" instead of "normal" after burning self multiple times
step 4 [optional]: swear profusely
step 5: blob some paint on it
step 6: smush it around - top side only - with a $.49 sponge paint brush.  no need for the $8 martha stippling brush
step 7: let dry

see below for steps 2-7 again in a much larger scale
all 3 colors of paint [2 different types] needed 2 coats for complete opacity, so that took a little longer than i bargained for.  i then sprayed the crap out of them with the silver glitter paint, got a little woozy even though half the windows in my apartment are open, and let dry.  the next day i flipped every little bugger over and painted one thick [rather sloppy] coat on the back side and called it done
finished product.  and some little wood letters that started the sparkle-paint-learning-curve.  spray too close and the aerosol blows the glitter back off the wood.  spray too far and glitter is eeeveeerrywhere.


  1. OH MY GOSH. We are thinking in the same wavelength, Liz! I just bought pastel paints and spray paints to I could do this to some dinosaurs I got a while back. Simpatico? That we are I think! I love how the horses turned out. Super lovely! :)

    Also, sorry for not getting back to you about your eyeliner question. Last week was insanely busy :( Anyway, I use a gel liner and then set it with some eyeshadow, so it doesn't smudge. But under all that, I first put an eye primer. I recommend using Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay Primer Potion. I've also tried an ELF brand I think, and that wasn't too good. I was smudging forever. The primer really keeps the shadow in place.

    As for the brushes, I use an angled brush to apply the gel liner and an eyeshadow brush to apply the shadow. I got both in an ecotools set for $10.00, which includes an all-over brush, brow brush, and blending brush. It's a great set, and I've had mine for YEARS. Best buy ever. The angled brush I have is semi-hard. It's stiff enough that it doesn't bend when I load it with product or draw a line on my lids, but it's not like a board.

    Hope this helps! And don't hesitate to ask if I've confused you ;)

  2. i already have too much stuff for you for xmas. except birfday sparkles!!!

  3. yess!!! sparkle twins? after seeing some way overpriced versions on etsy im hoping to find some bigger stuff at goodwill and attack that for my next project!

    thanks for your makeup advice! i did actually get some eyeshadow primer the other day and tested it out today. i dont think i used quite enough in the corners as i still had a little smudgy issue, but no creases. it seems all gel liners come with the crappiest soft brushes ever. i'll have to look for the ecotools kind.


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