Sunday, December 2, 2012


*edit - i changed the title from thanksxmas to thanxmas.  cant believe i didnt come up with that before.  jeez.
le table

dark time [4pm] means pie!
 chocolate pudding, pumpkin, blueberry raspberry, concord grape, chocolate pecan, apple
and once pie time [and leftover time] is over... its christmas decorating time!  our traditional colors have been white and silver for... years.  but this year i convinced the mums we needed some new stuff.  target has some pretty awesome color palettes and we went with jewel tones.  for my apartment and work mini trees [pics to come] i went with the retro pastels. 
lastly, the little bears that were always at the top of the 8-9' tree growing up.  clearly there just isnt enough room on a 2' tree..

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