Monday, December 3, 2012

calendar boxes

not boxes for calendars.  dear god i hope no one has need for boxes to store calendars.  put that shit in the recycling bin.  or if youre a hoarder like me... find calendar pages on your desk in dec 2012 from a 2011 calendar.  yup.  jeez.

but rather, these are boxes made from square calendar pages.  you know the kind - overpriced [or bought in february for 90% off] oversized calendars with the brightly printed slightly heavy cardstock with matte pages.  tutorial below shameless copied from how about orange but with some additional steps for clarification.  or further confusion.

step 1: find square paper or calendar page
step 2: locate center of page by folding diagonal corners together, push down lightly, open, and repeat with opposite corners
step 3: fold outside corners [to be called north/south/east/west in future steps - just imagine north is the top] into mark made in step 2
step 4: admire new lovely corners
step 5: fold left and right sides in to meet middle, crease edges well - i used a pen as unlike martha i dont have one of those superfluous foldy creasing-cards - unfold
step 6: fold top and bottom sides in to meet middle, unfold
step 7: unfold diagonal corners and admire weird hexagon shape
step 8: fold printed [north and south] sides back into middle and unfold half way to form upright sides
step 9: locate triangles at northwest/southwest/northeast/southeast corners and fold outwards, but only within the [imaginary] square
step 10: unfold completely, flip to printed side, and admire foldy bits
step 11: fold north and south corners and sides back in to middle [as in step 8]
step 12: with north and south sides folded upright, push west corner up following the triangle folds from step 9
step 13: fold west corner into middle following pre-folded lines, repeat with east corner, tape in the middle if needed
step 14: realized ... maybe i need a lid
step 15: cut 1/2" border off two sides and repeat steps 1-13
step 16: boom. 
slightly creepy box faces

and this tutorial is brought to you buy "thank god liz isnt a teacher".com  no really. 

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