Saturday, December 29, 2012

work xmas partay

see?  office sparkles.  i convinced some of the other ladies to wear sequins as well.  holiday style success!
how to make your employees happy [besides throwing an after-hours christmas party]

step one:  cake.  always cake.  and if the layers have strawberry and lime filling, all the better
step two: have senior management decorate the open space between cubicles like a schmancy italian restaurant.  leave lights up after party for a week
step three: give fluffy swag aka blankets
step four: provide alcohol.  when alcohol runs out, send COO on beer run

additional steps [not pictured] - offer amazing insurance including dental and vision, give free parking passes for the garages nearby, have a relaxed work environment, and bribe employees with food.  have i mentioned how much i enjoy my job?  not that its anything in my field of study or where i ever expected to end up..  or stay.  go figure.

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