Saturday, December 8, 2012

liz's laundry

december outfits - red and/or green every single day.  it took me maybe an hour to assemble these outfits [more than enough for the 18 days i work this month] and ... it amazingly allows me to wake up at 7:45, a full hour past my alarm, and still make it to work at 8:10.  epic.

  • top: thrifted
  • shorts: glassons [nz]
  • tank: f21
  • tights: target
  • boots: dsw
  • sweater dress: macys
  • necklace: n6&co
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • boots: target
  • blazer: thrifted
  • necklace: some asian imports shop
  • dress: h&m
  • tights: target
  • shoes: kenneth cole
  • sweater: thrifted
  • necklace: fred flare
  • tank: target
  • skirt: f21
  • sweater tights: macys
  • hair fascinator: somewhere cheapy cheap
  • sweater: thrifted
  • vest: tj maxx
  • tank: f21
  • jeans: gap
  • haircut: seemingly a great idea at 10pm..and then i had to clean the bathroom.  hair eeeeverywhere.


  1. Assembling 18 seasonally appropriate outfits ahead of time = pretty freakin' awesome :)

  2. yeah, i'm impressed! that's why i go with black! hahha

  3. some of them are perhaps pushing the line of "work appropriate" as well. floofy tulle, faux fur... but um no one at work questions me. so i do whatever

  4. colooorrrrr. youuu caaaan doooo iiiiiit. seriously. if your mom can.. you can


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