Wednesday, December 19, 2012

goodwill in an hour

and i didnt even intend to be more than 10 minutes.  but there were so many good things.  and then i had all these crafty ideas.  we'll see of any of them actually come to fruition...
oh so retro floral dress - to leave as is or to make into a skirt, a khaki colored polyester man's shirt - to become a snood-type scarf, a purple silk paisley shirt - as yet unknown intentions, silk zebra shirt and magenta j crew dress - both ready to wear
close up of a yellow sundress, some tshirts to become snood-type scarves, two suede skirts that i have no idea how to clean but intentions of small zippered clutches are floating about in my head, and a slightly too small work-uniform type dress

also probably my most ridiculously awesome find.  ever.  
1970's timelife home repair books.  perfect for my future home repairs and renovations!

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