Sunday, July 7, 2013

yahd work

my mums in not quite so many words, told me i need to get the damn rhododendrons under control.  so i did.  finally.  i braved the rose thorns, sweated my ass off, and tidied one side of the yard
the bushes arent quite as far away from the house as id like, but i'm planning to do more after the roses are done blooming.  until then though, i tamed [violently removed] most of the weird vine climbing the side of my house, made several piles of destruction, and only cut myself a few times.  after an hour and a half of ripping vines out, cutting branches, trimming, and raking... i may not be able to lift my arms tomorrow. 

but i'll be damned if it doesnt look infinitely better already.  and i may actually have some more flowers since the lilies arent being completely smothered now

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