Monday, July 1, 2013

deer isle

two weeks ago i went home for father's day.  in between eating delicious foods and lounging about the house [inside and out] i helped my pops launch his sailboat for the season.  this involved some tidying of the boat, towing it allllll the way around the cove, futzing and putzing about while the boat folk raised the mast and the rigging, and then finally rollin the old girl into the agua. 

we did sail around the cove a bit and saw some cormorants, some ducks, and a very disinterested seal.  i also flopped on top of the cabin and hung over the side at one point to rescue the flapping lines of the jib sail... but otherwise our sail was blissfully uneventful.  and followed by brats, potato salad, and pies!

and some random fisheye-lens flowers.  cos its ridic that my camera even does that.

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