Saturday, July 13, 2013

vso tour

the sun setting over the three stallion inn.  
and you question, why in gods name was i at a rural b&b with horses in the middle of nowhere?  to lounge in a field and listen to the vermont symphony orchestra of course! 

if youre having a hard time picturing that scene... here.
the first half of the concert was symphonic works by angry/depressed russian composers... followed by a broadway singer doing some summer showtune classics
some clear vermont sky
it drizzled a bit, there were moments of blinding sun, and rainbows
a couple double rainbows even.
they just wrapped up their brief summer tour, and my sister is back in the land of massholes... but no summer show would be complete with out the 1812 overature and [slightly mistimed] fireworks!

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