Wednesday, July 3, 2013

happenings, aka the haps

i stumbled across a delightful blog awhile ago, harper's happenings back when mandy was doing hott - high on thrifting thursdays.  even though she stopped the thrift linkup, i keep reading.  mandy's writing is pretty delightful and entertaining [she swears much less than i do] and she manages to keep the OMG MY BABIES ARE THE BEST EVER to a minimum.  also, no religious propaganda shoved in your face.  check it yo.

but my haps.
i gots a new boiler and converted my heat and hot water from oil to natural gas.  i dont necessarily believe in and support the ways that natural gas is harvested/collected/obtained... but its the lesser of two evils at the moment.  slightly.  and its cheaper.

also, a cake cookout is pretty much the best idea ive come up with to date.  step one: make sure your cohorts like cake.  step two: if not, get new friends.  step three: tell people to bring cake, booze, and things to grill.  or really, just cake.  step four: gorge.
its been raining a crapton in maine.  and the weather is waffling between 95 and humid and... 55 and pouring rain.  its confusing.
lastly, flowers.


  1. I Thought U Made A Furniture.That Looks Like A Robot Or Something... Man... Still Look Like A Robot.To Me!! :) Cool!

    1. hahha nope, no robot furniture.. yet!

    2. hahha no robot furniture. yet..


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