Sunday, July 28, 2013

boothbay botanical gardens

here's how awesome i am at posting - some friends from ny visited over the 4th of july and we spent one afternoon at the boothbay botanical gardens.  nearly a month later.. pics.  it was a gorgeous but oh so hot and humid day.  maine summers on the coast are supposed to be 75 and breeze with a slight chill in the shade.  not 99 and suffocatingly muggy.  but the pictures mostly speak for themselves.  we had a lovely 3 hour wander and then ice cream.  and showers.  and a nap.  but i digress.  prepare for lots of pics.
maine at it's finest - woodsy, some little hills, and water

 some kind of compound hollyhock
creeping pines staked up to look like weeping men
stages of coneflower and unripe blueberries
extra large pinecone
the woods
eat yer heart out monet.
an installation that really needs to find its way into my yard
deceptively pleasant looking scene [so gross and sweaty by this point]
lamb's ear
cat fence!
mister macgregor's garden
a stone bunny
gorgeous ...onions?  whaaaaat?
 varieties of ferns
and one last pond

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