Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the garden's a growin

when they named rainbow chard "neon lights"... they werent kidding.  bright like the 90s.  but less trashy.  my cherry tomatoes are happily flowering and i hate to say this out loud lest it hear me... but my dill isnt bolting yet!  hurray!

some no-quite-ready rhubarb, transplanted/gifted bleeding hearts, and my sad sad garage from afar.  note the nicely mowed yard!  and this time, i managed to do the whole thing in about 45 minutes and didnt get any new rose bush scars.  yusss!
in case you didnt see me bombard instagram and fb... i picked .67 pounds of chard!  and a lot of kale!  and i made kale chips... but burned a batch O_o
and lastly, bed updates!  heres how far theyve come in about a month

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