Saturday, June 1, 2013

house status: 90% done

unless i happen upon a stray $10-20k... my house is just about done!  i had a housewarming party last week but i was a little tipsy and half out of my mind with terror as my boss' boss showed up.  thus, there are absolutely no pictures of the event.  it turned out to be surprisingly not awkward at all but i was giving the $.10 tour when i glanced back into the kitchen to see OH MY GOD THE VICE PRESIDENT OF MY COMPANY JUST WALKED IN.  but i can now say, i had jello shots with my boss' boss and traded stories about awkward dorm encounters.  have you?
living room with mirrors hung, wall hanging switched, and corner bar stocked

the kitchen where we crammed probably 20 people.  cos even though i dont have a 550 square foot apartment, we must all still stand in the same room at all points in time.  plus thats where the snacks were.
the dining room with most things put away.  before the party i finally resigned myself to cramming my three boxes of miscellaneous tools and accessories in the kitchen island and taping the wonky door shut again.  the giant blank wall is waiting for either fabric stretched frames or an assortment of actual photos of people like this or this.  i have thousands of pictures of friends and family on my computer, on facebook, in albums [yes actually printed out and organized] ...but only one single one out on display. 
gratitious kitty making sure all the crinkly paper has been sat on.  notice the lint roller on display.  very necessary.
and the two upstairs rooms.  the entryway/landing is more of a storage/staging area for kitchen overflow, two dressers, and some tubs o' stuff.  but through the first door is my future sewing room!  behind door number two is my guest room!  at the moment there arent enough tables, lights, or plugs in either room, but that should be remedied in the next month or so.

oh yea and the older-than-i card table in the pic above will be replaced..  my mom went back to iowa to discuss future plans with my grandma, and get rid of some things she doesnt want.  that means i'm awaiting a shipment of a dining table and chairs, a wheeled bar cart, a sewing table, a starburst mirror, and some dishes!!  basically that is part of the 10% yet to be done... as well as the hallway outside the bathroom.  it is still in disarray, but i managed to hack down the rest of the loose plaster, and i may slap up some new mud in the next few days.  then its sanding, priming, painting, rehanging a mirror, and... crown moulding for my heel collection!

stay tuned!


  1. Exciting Liz!!! What are those tapestry like wall hangings? Did you or your family member made those?

    1. thanks! the tapestries are recycled saris and..unfortunately i didnt make them. the red one ive had since high school and is from pier one, the green one [my favorite] is from novica

  2. Hurray! It's come out beautifully, very comfortable and personal.

    1. thank you! it definitely feels like home, which im very proud of

  3. i love how he's in the one spot where there's a tiny patch of crinkly paper. hahaha.


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