Thursday, June 20, 2013

hitting paydirt

weeeell maybe an exaggeration.  but the garden is growing!  amazingly enough since weve had one of the coldest springs in awhile, with interspersing of a couple 95 degree days, maybe... 6 other sunny days, and gallons of rain. 

also, if you follow me on instagram... you already saw these when i flooded my feed this morning.
5 massive lettuces and..a hole?
thaats cos i ate one.  apologies for the blurry pic.  i spent an hour weedeating/trimming with my new garden toy and it turns out.. its heavy.  i could barely stop shaking long enough to take this pic somewhat in focus.  also, it was on my phone.

other vege progress in long drawn-out oversized pictures:
giant dill alongside very large broccoli and the tiniest slowest carrots in the history of gardening
 rhubarb i'm not sure if i can cut yet
cherry tomatoes!!!!
waist-high maters
rainbow bright chard ready for me to attack it with scissors again
sage waiting patiently to be fried up in brown butter
and a new crop of kale leaves for making chips out of!

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