Tuesday, June 18, 2013

still painting things

after some internal debate, late night pinteresting, and irresponsible finances.. i bought paint for the kitchen.  i figure i'll spend $100 now and $10k in [if i'm lucky/frugal/get a raise] 5 years... and i can test if i like colored paint!  if i dont.. ill bash it all out with a crowbar and just paint everything black and white foreeveerrr.  no really. 

so as it turns out, the cabinets in the kitchen are just about the same paneling as the library.  and it absorbs primer unevenly in the same manner... and turns the same nasty bleed-through yellowish.  loovely.  also, i started with the walls that didnt have a dresser and a fridge in front of them.  cos i'm lazy.  so now the cupboard side of the kitchen is primed

along with the stove side.  and primer over wallpaper goes on like a dream.  i'm pretending in this dream that the wall ..under the wallpaper is flat, not crumbling, and certainly not full of holes and old wiring.  fortunately, kilz primer also goes over plastic faux-marble paneling as well.

in case you needed a refresher, here is an awkward angle of the kitchen when i first saw it in february.
as of last weekend i was still waffling over where to put the colors i bought... but after discussion with my assistant interior decorator [aka the mums] i reverted back to my original idea.  stay tuned for the big reveal in... god only knows how long.  within a month.  but no promises.

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