Thursday, June 6, 2013

sonp 2013 - unintentional princess skirt

simple woven cotton print and sparkle tulle?  oh dear god what could come of this?? 

welp with some creative cutting and pinning and actually using an iron *gasp* i know.. 
dadaaa!  a much billowier than i intended printed/lined tulle skirt!  though i pinned this super floofy number, i did reconsider something a little more practical.  hopefully some of the starchiness will wash out of the tulle and it will lay a little flatter.  i did wet it down pretty profusely in the hopes that i could smash it to the sides of my legs, but no such luck.  nonetheles... entry number two for the summer of no pants!
but it hangs so nicely!  and the double row tacking down my pleats is so neat!  and ... i cant really see my feet!  and unintentional rhyming and abuse of exclamation points..
hell.  i'm a cupcake.  more later.


  1. Replies
    1. well seeing as i bought that tulle in april 2012 [according to my orders] .... pencil yourself in for a pink skirt in late 2014. srsly.


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