Monday, June 10, 2013

sonp 2013 - tight tatted teal

and no i dont mean tattooed.  tatted.  like lace.  but i think its crocheted.  but basically its a stretch knit tube dress with an "applique" purchased on etsy.  i have no idea what a venice applique is so i call it a crocheted thinger.  anyway, project 3 of the summer of no pants

a blatant close up of my chest.  the first picture i took was entirely inappropriate upon review.  also this is a more accurate color representation.  the lighting in my sewing room is terrible.

my oh-so-imprecise process - hem top of knit fabric.  line up two pieces and pin approximate shape of strapless dress.  check if pins are somewhat even.  sew and cut.  try on tube and pin on crochet piece while wearing.  get pins stuck in hair.  swear loudly.  sew.
my idea pinned to my sewing manniquin, and the finished result looking even less flattering on a hanger
and me in front of my somewhat more presentable hallway wall

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