Tuesday, May 7, 2013

its gardenin' time!

in case you were wondering how many locally grown [mostly organic] seedlings $50 buys you at the farmer's market... now you know.  

i supplemented with another $25 at home depot and probably about $20 of miscellaneous seeds.  which brings my garden grand total to... more than i want to think about. 
but look!  i mowed finally!  after it took me about 20 minutes and a neighbor to figure out how to open the damn gas can so i could go buy gas...  but i digress.  shit's planted!!!  and now the battle with punsxatawny phil [and his neighborhood gang of groundhog thugs] begins.  i saw a large one waddling through someone's yard the other day but didnt think much of it.  but as i was planting bulbs yesterday [in the other bed] 3 different neighbors stopped by to tell me they had seen a groundhog poking around in the beds.  PREPARE FOR BATTLE. 

in other news.  here is what i planted:
and juuuust as i was done planting and daydreaming about my future adirondack chairs in the freshly cut grass, my neighbor [the wife of the guy who helped me move all the dirt] popped by to offer some perennials.  she apparently supplies the whole street with plant split-offs, cuttings, and master gardening advice.  unfortunately, they are moving sometime this summer.  sigh.

here is what she gave me and the random locations they ended up in:


  1. I am so jealous. Like, seriously. If I knew where you lived I would raid that garden once the plants start bearing fruit. Or in this case, veggies and herbs.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

    1. hahha one of my friends stopped by and said if all the ripe veggies are gone suddenly ..it probably wasnt the groundhog.

  2. What a great job Liz! Have you always been into gardening? Or pottering around the house for that matter?

    1. thanks! i built [terrible] raised beds at the last house i rented once the landlord gave me free reign. and really i had no idea what i was doing [still dont]. i just stuck things in the ground and they did the work! gardening is amazing to me and i read up on mutually beneficial planting pairings this year in the hopes that i can make it work. but mostly i just look up things online or other blogs!


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