Sunday, May 26, 2013

playing in a cemetery

not really playing.  weeding, planting flowers, rolling in the grass, having a day off from work to volunteer, and generally enjoying the most gorgeous day weve had all freakin spring
our office apparently participates in united way's day of caring every year.  the choices this year were spring clean up in one of the 15+ local cemeteries... or sorting non-perishables for the food bank.  welp being a gardener-type ... its obvious which one i chose

we had the most idyllic weather since.. last fall.  75 and sunny, breezy, not an ounce of humidity in the air.
stained glass steeple in the "summer house" aka a meeting house in the cemetery with some historic documents and pictures of the original cemetery board of volunteers.  some aaangry looking women.
some pretty awesome headstones
probably the oldest and most epic headstone ive ever seen "here lyes buried the body of m hannah cushing wife to m ezekiel cushing who died june 7 1742 in y 39th year of her age" 
and one last gratuitous flowers/headstone pic


  1. Wahh!!! Like FrOm The Movies Or Something! (The Old Headstones)

    1. it makes me want to go wander the cemetery across the street from my house but every time ive had some free hours its been raining


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