Thursday, May 9, 2013

the outdoor furniture conundrum

lets just start by saying... i'm a sucker for a sale.  i also have a pretty damn good credit score as i pay all my cards on time and in full.  so when i get an email for extended financing, interest free sales.. it piques my curiosity. 

and oh home depot.  you are my new amazon/target/addiction.  i was so tempted to buy a 4 piece patio set with 12 month financing...  but conferred with my house/finance guru  she said maybe i should wait until i have all my other house stuff paid off and just start with something cheap and borrow her subaru to go yardsaling.  sigh.  pragmatism. 

so i bought two unfinished adirondack chairs and assembled and painted one!  [at my hd they were only $39]

now unfortunately the paint guys were a bit busy and the frazzled older guy said one can of spray paint should be fine.  but since i was intending to do two... i bought 2 primers and 2 paints.  and used them alllll on one chair.  hell.  but it looks pretty damn good.  high gloss turquoise!   for a grand total of $46. 

other options were the $18 plastic version, the $249 plastic i mean HDPE -high density polyethylene.. plastic version, or the $450 ecofriendly recycled plastic one.  jesus.  i mean really?  its extruded plastic.  that previously was the soda bottle you drank out of at lunch.  if im gonna pay over $100 for a damn outdoor chair, its gonna be the wood llbean version.  sigh.  someday.

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