Sunday, May 5, 2013

dirt time

after work adventure - move 3 cubic yards of dirt [loam and compost] into 5 beds before the sun sets.
aaaand done!  thanks to help from my neighbor!  and ignore the weird coloring.  i adjusted a setting to take a macro of the forsythia ..and i guess the next shot [back on auto] kept some lighting filter.  it wasnt actually that close to twilight.
but there's the forsythia.  so it was worth it.

the dirt while we were working and the beds from another angle - soon to have obsessively arranged/organized/symbiotically placed veggies!

and since i was on a yardwork kick [aka the pain had yet to set in] i ripped out some creeper vines next to the garage and lo and behold - rhubarb!!!  yuss! 

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