Tuesday, May 28, 2013

sonp 2013 commence!!

the summer of no pants [name and possible snark patent pending by marigold] returns!!  for my first item i rescued a remnant of sheer paisley fabric from my first attempt at ...something.  well before the first pic was taken [apparently back in 2011], it was a sort of wrap skirt with a faux leather belt and after tedious serging and hem rolling... i realized i would not have any way to wash it.. ever.  so back to the sewing bin of failed/UFOs it went.

while rooting around [aka organzing..] my new sewing room, i rediscovered the skirt failure, cut off the leather wrap part, and finished the cut edges.  inspired by all the sheer stuffs of the season, i brainstormed a cowlneck square-cut tunic.
translation:  its a square.  with strategic tucks. 

fortunately my dress form is foamy and quite forgiving when i stab it repeatedly with pins.  i aligned the back flat across the shoulders, and a slight cowl in front.  i despise the super deep cleavage [hah] revealing constantly shifting drooping cut of a traditional cowl.  so its modified.  and a wee bit of flappy.

after aligning the shoulder seams, i sewed the sides shut, effectively making a super wide tube.  i then pinned some ridiculous armscye pleats, sewed everything shut, and called it good.  my failed skirt already had the hemmed bottom edge, which drapes nicely in a handkerchief hem.  i have no idea why its called that but its better than "intentionally asymmetrically uneven".
definitely a better look belted, and its got pretty much all the colors.  i havent worn this new bad boy to work yet, but have it hanging with a pair of pink pants and a brown tank top!


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    1. thank you! i hope to do some *actual* sewing for this project eventually..but this was an easy start


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