Wednesday, May 15, 2013

book acquisition

new books!  well.. new to me!  used ones i found in the library book sale.  cos it was mother's i went to the library [her library] with my librarian mother and she bought me some books..  make sense of that. 
the first and third are thai and curries.  yuss.  cos i always need more cookbooks.  srsly.

next, tansy cakes with honey.  this one we couldnt figure out if it was handwritten and watercolored, but circa 1974, its likely a maine self-publish.  not only is it the most freakin adorable thing ever, i may scan in pages and put them up in my kitchen as some kind of arty art.
aand a book on carpentry.  probably mostly out of date as it is a revised 1949 edition of the original version... from 1918.  but really, how much of the structural aspect of carpentry has changed?  finish carpentry, the methods have probably changed.  spacing of beams and joists for insulation and airsealing have definitely changed.  accessibility to tools and other resources have completely changed.  but terminology, general assembly, and methods are pretty much the same.  plus the book is older than my house.  and i can figure out what i want to ask a carpenter to do rather than just stare blankly at him/her and say "ummm fix it?"
a less disney-fied version of andersen's fairy tales, complete with somewhat disturbing drawings.  not grimm's retellings for sure, but i am betting there are still very few happily ever afters.
this one caught my eye, purely by the title.  and then the cover.  and the rawcut pages.  and the chapter list.  the intelligent woman's guide to socialism and capitalism by bernard shaw.  apparently theyre re-releasing it in a month with a new cover and possibly easier to read font.  but this is something i may actually read every now and then.  in high school i was interested in government and politics for a hot second; definitely stemming from my time in debate and that teen angst that says everything in this country is terrible and weve been wrong from the start.  but really i only have a very cursory knowledge of socialism.  and i like the learning of stuff. 
i also like parties and tasty beverages.
back to carpentry, the anatomy of contemporary furniture is now more a study of retro chic, but there are some pretty amazing measurements and breakdowns of eames-esque chairs and brief instructions on how to build your own tables, bookcases, stools, and anything else your mad-men living room could yearn for.  except the terrible treatment of women.  that isnt in the book.
lastly, a book of all the places i didnt see in new york while i lived there cos i was too busy eating, shopping, and getting lost.  manhattan architecture explained mostly in gorgeous pictures.

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