Friday, September 18, 2009

tinkerbell class

driving today in the classiest place on earth..i saw a bumper sticker that both horrified and enthralled me. when in the fucking hell did tinkerbell become a whorey little fairy hero for white trash? and with bad grammar?

here is what the bumper sticker consists of: [i cant bring myself to post a picture of it]
tinkerbell on hands and knees
"if your gonna ride my ass
at least pull my hair"

first of all, your and you're are NOT THE SAME WORD. FUCKING GET IT RIGHT.

secondly, tinkerbell is a good fairy that helps little boys stay away from a middle aged man that repeatedly tries to imprison them. in that sense, tinkerbell is more like a social worker or a SVU cop.

tinkerbell is not a dirty little slut bucket that epitomizes what is wrong with america.

that is all.

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