Friday, September 25, 2009

non parlo bene l'italiano

[i dont speak good the italian]

colosseum early morning glamour shot. and i mean 9am as early morning.

chariot fun for the whole family! emperor _____ [fill in blank] used this miniature sized track for, you guessed it! racing custom sized chariots driven by slave children and pulled by goats or ponies!! who wouldnt have thought that.

the sis sent a list of places to stay in rome for under 100euros a night. we found a hostel/bed and breakfast "50 metres away from manzoni station" [the metro] for $40 a person. its not fancy, but its clean, quiet, and safe. what could possibly make this place better?

perhaps a hazenut kitkat bar [or 3]

or some hello kitty glasses?!


  1. hello kitty sunglasses certainly brighten my day! i'm sure hazelnut kitkats would too...if i could eat them. then again, a slave-driven custom chariot would be nice also...erm...

  2. omg chocolate!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm


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