Sunday, September 27, 2009


chocolate croissant and itty bitty espresso for prima colazione [first lunch ie breakfast]

mint chip gelato at 10am

1 euro coke [$1.50] tastes pretty damn good after walking 10 blocks in the sun

best. pizza. ever. 1 euro-gigantic zucchini & cheese slice [found in lonely planet guidebook]

jason's new favorite drink-"orange red" ie blood orange juice

i needed a snack after the subways broke down. now, i didnt eat a box of 6 of these cherry ice cream bars coated in crispies...but i could have. but i forgot to photo the bar and then it was gone. serendipitously [i just made that a word], i saw the same bar in the grocery store.

delicious no sugar tea. not "less sugar" not "lower sugar" not "made with splenda instead of hfcs" actually no sugar added. mmm.

prosuccito from the grocery that may or may not have been smoked and should have been cooked. we ended up not eating most of it just in case. [i made jason paranoid. oops]

.99 euro lettuce. in the US this is $4+ and half rotten. wtf

delicious cheese that should have been sliced

fresh cherry tomatoes on the vine

umm sandwich bread. cos we bought the wrong thing

mmm german wine in rome. yea dont ask.

coconut cream in a crispy shell. DELICIOUS. and yes made by ferrero. as in rochett thingers. hazelnut crispy nuggets of amazing.

10pm gelato at the spanish steps-peach and nutella. note to self: do not eat nutella gelato while climbing 50+ stairs.


  1. This all looks painfully lovely. Especially the top picture. My caffeine-addicted taste buds are screaming at me in Italian.

  2. omfg. seriously. just pack a suitcase full of food and bring it back and then mail it to me. it'll basically be a compost pile when it gets here... but i do not care. IT ALL LOOKS SO FCUKING DELICIOUS. especially the ferrero coconut thingyyyy and the PIZZA OOMMMGGGGG.

  3. Wonderful pics of Ostia...what a great place to go instead of the stuffy old Vatican. And, don't even let me start with the food. Just as I remember Italy...deliciousness waiting on every corner.


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