Wednesday, September 16, 2009

how are pincushions and squirrels similar?

weeeeeell... they can be shaped like cute little tomatoes and have their pins sorted by color

they can be used to store both pins and needles, and photograph very well in black and white.

while squirrels run on electrical wires and chatter at other squirrels.

in short. they are in no way alike.

but as a fun fact of the day, the small strawberry shaped thing hanging off the smaller tomato pincushion [there may have been one on the larger tomato as well], is known as just "an emery". so being like a curious kitty but with both thumbs and the internet, i set out to find out what the fuck emery is. my thought was..maybe like an emery board. which the sound of sets my teeth on high-pitch screeching dentist-drilling edge, but i digress.

as it turns out, i was correct and the ever helpful wikipedia explains emery is a naturally occurring mineral. i did verify this with some other sites, but wiki had the most convenient and concise answer.

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