Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new sweatshirt

i recently purchased a sample sale sweatshirt. seeing as i 99% of the time buy sale items..this $70 item was a major splurge for me. i happened to be perusing beyond the rack [please use code NLZ5A07D04C if you join], thinking my usual wow this shit is pretty nice but i wouldnt pay that much when i saw the "wasabi sweatshirt." as i clicked on the closeup, i noticed swirly clouds, some artistic "asian" style suns, and spiney chopstick-esque icons.

now just cos its semi asian doesnt mean its wasabi. and that i automatically like it. [often though] mostly, the satin detailing sold me. any cambodian sweatshop can churn out $10 walmart hoodies. but the cuffs have satin ruching, the extra wide collar [not a hoodie] is satin lined, and the waist tie weaves thru the bottom cuff. these schmancy details make it worth the money to me, not to mention the fact that it is ridiculously soft on the inside and has pockets that are actually conveniently placed and sized for hands.

  • tank top: forever 21
  • dress: american apparel [shameful i know]
  • leggings: some cheap store

  • sweatshirt: killah/miss sixty sample sale-beyond the rack
  • jackson pollock poster: $5 sale
  • necklace: ae

necklace closeup. cos its pretty and long and shiny.

randomly checking the tag, i found the website for the brand is that leads me to believe they are based in italy...or at the very least their website is. as it turns out, i am flitting off to italy next wednesday for a week in rome with the boyfriend. hes going to give an electrical engineering paper at an international conference. im going for food, historical sturff, and perhaps a visit to one of the 5 killah stores in la citta roma. [thats pronounced cheetah. yea believe it.]

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