Thursday, September 10, 2009

la ropa

after 7 hours at the outlet mall last weekend, i cleaned out my closet. we recently received notice in the mail that big brothers big sisters of long island was going around collecting guessing to sell to support their programs. im not actually sure now. maybe to donate to the kids? hm welp its all over now. i purged about 15 pairs of shoes, maybe 10 pairs of pants, and large macy's bags full of shirts, sweaters, and dresses.

within our house [my sister also cleaned her closet], we redistributed some clothes among the roommates and my best friend, but in total we had about 5 garbage bags full of clothes and miscellaneous household items. blah blah i have too much stuff, need to stop buying clothes, yea ive heard it all before. multiple times.

  • necklace: random new zealand gift shop
  • shirt: ny & co [on sale for $5!]
  • sweater: ny & co

i just thought my hair looked really good here [even though i look scary and emo], thanks to my mad hair-chopping skills and my new hair drying technique taught by kt.

  • shirt: forever 21 [thrifted from leah's closet]
  • necklace: kenneth cole
  • pants: h&m
  • hott armband: blood donation [the lady specifically matched it to my shirt!]


  1. i looooove how the armband matches the shirt. totally jealous. also like the franker staring into space.

  2. muchas gracias para la ropa. me la gusta. i don't think that's right... but anyway. it was more like 20 pairs of pants. totally ridiculous. and afterwards there was still a full closet. hhahahaha. i'm wearing a dress you gave me today and it's fabulous... aside from all the men staring/leering at my legs. ew. also the curls look spectacular. you just have to tell them whcih way to go so they're a little more uniform. piece of cake! miss you.


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