Friday, November 7, 2014

what ive been up to [part 1]

wth?  ITS NOVEMBER?  ummm welp my birthday is tomorrow and id like to say ive been busy saving the world and such.  but really, ive been waiting tables and helping with solar installs.  and sleeping a ridiculous amount.  thrilling i know. 
we also do the occasional energy audit in the back woods of maine.  turns out all the equipment fits in the mini coop rather well.

dia de los muertos was a big thing at the restaurant, seeing as its mexican and all.  the kitchen staff let me do some sugar skull cookie decorating, and let me just say, royal icing is probably the most frustrating thing ive ever worked with. 
halloween was less of a thing at the restaurant, but that didnt stop me from dressing up.  and being the only one dressed up aside from some random bar patrons.  i did end up going with the non-slutty-school girl costume [with real pigtails rather than the wednesday addams], but other choices i was debating were cowgirl, sparkles mc sparkle pants, and just my regular restaurant wear plus a ridiculous wig.  each one still met the "uniform" of the tshirt and khaki/denim/black bottoms.
this pic is a bit older, but the south portland community gardens put mine to shame.  serious shame.  the pictures dont really do the scale justice, but the kale and chard leaves were bigger than my face, and the brussels sprouts plants were about as tall as my 5'5" self.  idk what im doing wrong. 

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